Introducing RadioBB

We’ve spent two decades tracking the radio industry’s maneuvers at Radio-Info and RadioInsight.

We’ve seen the missteps taken by many broadcasters.

Enough is enough!

It’s time for broadcasters to change their view of the internet. Online revenue can yield millions of dollars. Why run the same old pop-culture blog posts, which people already read on TMZ or Buzzfeed? We can show you unique opportunities to serve your community and expand your brand — all while generating extra revenue.

We were an early adopter of WordPress, now the most used Content Management System way back in its early days in 2005 and continue to use it to this day to power everything from station sites, news sites, paywall protected content, audio archives, social networks, and online stores. Yet nearly every station site goes for the same old blog layout. Want to do something more? We can help.

Have a site that just needs a tune-up? We can do that. We’ll make sure all your software is up to date. If you want a new feature, we can provide it with a plugin. [I would put these two sentences higher up — probably above the millions of dollars in online revenue] You make sure all your studio equipment is kept running. Why would you let your site software rot away?

We offer a full suite of services for your station or brand: Researching the domain names you should register; finding the right design for your brand; implementing strategies to expand your online revenue; and keeping your sites at full health.

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