How We Do It

Brand Strategy

What do you want your website to represent?

We will survey your market and niche to find additional niches for your brand beyond just a typical station website in a way to expand your online sales opportunities and visibility. You’re no longer stuck with just a billboard for your station or having to rehash content from TMZ or Buzzfeed.

Site Design

RadioBB exclusively powers our websites with WordPress.

WordPress is an extremely flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System that currently powers 23% of the internet. We have utilized it to build radio station sites, social networks, stores, paywall protected news sites, audio archives, personal blogs and more.

We’ve used the software since 2006 and know the best practices when it comes to building and maintaining a site.

Site Maintenance

For a low monthly retainer we will keep your software up to date [no hyphens] and secure and ensure you have backups of the site we produce. We’ll keep you and your staff aware of new WordPress features, or potential features you may want to add. You will also gain access to an online support community and WordPress tutorials.

Or for an hourly rate, we will come in and fix your site when broken.

Domain Research

Some things have to remain secrets. But our tools enable us to find you the best domain names and social media usernames for your brands.

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