What We Can Do

RadioBB offers online services for any type of radio project. From independent webcasters and personal podcasts to multi-market groups, we can assist in providing the best possible online presence for your brand.

Brand Strategy

Your website should be the first place your listeners go for station or show information. Your online presence can build up or destroy their impressions of you. How do you want your website to serve your audience?

We can also show you how to expand your brand into a network of sites for increased visibility and sales opportunities. You can even serve different audience niches.

Domain Research

Since 2006, our RadioInsight.com “Net Gnomes” have provided research on domain name registrations to report on format changes before they’ve happened. We can utilize our domain insight to find the right domains and social media names for your brand(s).

Site Design

Most radio station operators and online platforms use one template for all their stations, with only minimal differences. Every radio station is unique. Why shouldn’t their websites be? How can a News station with lots of breaking news updates properly function on a template designed for an Adult Contemporary station? We’ll optimize each website for its unique purpose.

Software Maintenance

We’ve come across many stations that have a site built and then let it just sit there because they don’t know how to maintain it. The backend software is not kept up-to-date and becomes susceptible to security breaches and features that stop working. You have on-call engineers for your transmitter and studio equipment, why not for your website?

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